VLM Reference Form

  • Reference form is due March 1, 2017

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  • To the person completing this form:

    Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM) are men and women who spend 4-6 weeks serving in impoverished communities in Ethiopia and Kenya. The four pillars of VLM are: spirituality, community, simple living, and ministry. VLM live with other missionaries in a community setting and also live and work alongside the Daughters of Charity. Based on your knowledge of the applicant, please assess how well suited he/she would be to life as a missionary with VLM.

    Please answer the following questions, providing examples if possible:
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    Ability to get along with others
    Ability to deal with conflict
    Ability to work with others
    Common sense
    Emotional stability
    Leadership ability
    Opennes to direction
    Sense of humor
    Time management skills
    Work ethic

    Based on your knowledge of the applicant, please assess the applicant on each of the following characteristics. 1=Poor 2=Below Average 3=Average 4=Good 5=Superior